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ESI Corporation

Sub Regional Office, Tirunelveli
ESI Corporation, Sub Regional Office is setup since sep 2005 for the smooth operation and functioning of the Scheme in Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kanyakumari districts of Tamil Nadu. The activities comprise implementation in co-ordination with State Govts, inspections, surveys and enforcement, collection of revenue, administration of branch offices, cash offices and inspection offices and delivery of cash benefits to ESI beneficiaries.

Under the Sub Regional Office, there are 7 branch offices for the administration of the scheme including the disbursement of cash benefits to Beneficiaries.

For any guidance/complaints
Shri S.Ravichandran
Joint Director
Tel No :0462 2332105
Fax No. 0462 2332107
Email :

Employer Benefits

Employers are absolved of all their liabilities of providing medical facilities to employees and their dependants in kind or in the form of fixed cash allowance, reimbursement of actual expenses, lump sum grant or opting for any other medical insurance policy of limited scope unless it is a contractual obligation of the employer.

Employers are exempted from the applicability of the Maternity benefit Act, Workmens' Compensation Act in respect of employees covered under the ESI Scheme

Employers have at their disposal, a productive, well secured workforce,; an essential ingredient for better productivity.

Employers are absolved of any responsibility in times of physical distress of workers such as sickness, employment injury or physical disablement resulting in loss of wages as the responsibility of paying cash benefits shifts to the Corporation in respect of insured employees.

Any sum paid by way of contribution under the ESI Act is deducted in computing 'Income' under the Income Tax Act.  

Facts & Figures
No. of centres in implemented areas7
No. of units
Approved no. of  Insured Persons1.35 lakhs
No. of employees1.02 lakhs
No. of ESI
No. of Branch Offices7

Contact Us

Sub-Regional Office (Tirunelveli)
Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)
Municipal shopping complex
Salai street
Tirunelveli - 627 001
Tamil Nadu

Ph: 0462 - 2332103, 2332106, 2332105,
EPABX: 2330136
FAX: 0462 - 2332107


Website URL:
SRO site:
Headquarters Office site:
Toll Free Helpline: 1800 11 2526
No Name Designation Contact No
01. Sri. S. Ravichandran Joint Director 0462-2332105
02. Sri R. Thinesh Kumar Deputy Director (Finance) 0462-2332103
03. Sri. S.Pysone Gnanaraj Assistant Director 0462-2332106
04. Sri S. Murugesan Branch Manager, Tirunelveli 0462-2334333
05. Sri. M.Lakshmanan Branch Manager, Tuticorin 0461-2323133
06. SSri T. Thiagarajan Branch Manager, Nagercoil 04652-231115
07. Smt. B. Annammal Branch Manager, Kovilpatti 04632-220853
08. Sri A.Shanmugavel Branch Manager Vickramasingapuram 04634-220382
09. Sri. P.Chandran Branch Manager, Tenkasi 04633-228010
10. Sri. S.Rajagopal Branch Manager Marthandam 04651-264502
11. Sri. P. Sathiyavasagam Insurance Inspector, Tirunelveli 0462-2332106
12. Smt. G.V.Usharani Insurance Inspector, Tuticorin 0461-2323133
13. Sri. M.A.Ivin Insurance Inspector, Nagerkoil 04652-231115
14 Sri D. Muthuramalingam Insurance Inspector, Legal Mobile no.  9487248161
15 Sri R.  Muthu Velu Insurance Inspector, Recovery Mobile No.  9894177900
16 Sri S. Sam Christhu Kumar Office Superintendent Mobile No.  9442107787

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